• Roy-Pitz Barrel House (map)
  • 990 Spring Garden Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19123
  • United States

The Naked Sun may or may not have coined the phrase, but “honest rock” has unquestionably been their ethos since their start back in 2011—and few bands embody its spirit like they do. With songs that echo the rawness and sincerity of the cities around which its members grew up—Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia—the band blends the basics of roots rock and folk with layers of bolstering piano and organ, intricate pedal steel leads, and melodic choruses backed by satisfying vocal harmonies. Rooted in the songwriting of frontman Andrew Wesley Harris, The Naked Sun strive equally toward Petty’s pop genius, Springsteen’s storytelling, Dylan’s social consciousness, and the energy of My Morning Jacket. 


The Naked Sun is gearing up for the release of their debut LP, War with Shadows, which will be out late January 2018. Their debut was recorded at Miner Street Recordings with producer Brian McTear and features Pat Berkery from War on Drugs and Eve Miller from Matt Pond PA. This 10 song LP sounds like Bruce Springsteen wrapped in a giant Flying Burrito Brother, with a side of kraut. Unlikely sonic pairings held tightly together by the pedal steel playing of Tim Campbell, synth rock sounds of Alan Sheltzer, and the deeply vulnerable lyrics of Harris.