Dylan Jane

A natural-born storyteller, it was at a young age that she started writing short melodies on a children's keyboard to express her experiences. This began a relationship with music that she has never shaken. She grew up listening to Cat Stevens and Carole King among many others in her parents' collection, artists whose influence would later surface in her own style. By integrating Alternative, Indie, and Americana tastes from her own generation, she began to develop an Alt-Folk sound all her own. Fused with a fascination of all things literary, she describes her music the same way we hear it: “lyrically centered.” 

Born and raised in South Florida and relocating to North East Pennsylvania and then her current home in Philadelphia, Dylan likes to stay in motion. She has travelled to play in cafes, venues, and listening rooms up and down the East Coast and spends much of her time on the road. She is currently performing in support of her October 2016 release, Deceiving Yourself and Everyone Else


Natalie Butts

Natalie Butts is a Philadelphia based musician and singer-songwriter formerly of the folk rock band, The Sun Flights, she is exploring new sounds as a solo artist while still holding true to her roots. She's currently working on her first album, that combines elements of folk, rock and pop.


Two brothers building towers of melodies 2 heaven beauty & decay, imperfect rambling, meaning in chaos, mechanics of the soul

Anthony Coppa
Dominic Coppa